Salesperson Grit

Having Grit Will Help You Become A Better Salesperson  (Video) – Part 5 of 5

There are many attributes of a great salesperson.  One of those is having grit, which is the ability to not give up and to persevere for the long term.  In sales, we often hear “no” and get rejected often. But a salesperson with true grit won’t let setbacks stop them from continuing the process and meeting their sales goals.

Someone with grit will expect and accept failure and learn from it to improve their performance.  A salesperson with grit demonstrates a work ethic and determination required to close the deal.

So, how do you get grit?  First thing is to believe in yourself.  Then, be persistent and don’t ever give up.  Set your goals and have a long-term attitude expecting and accepting failures along the way.  Having grit also means that you have the stamina to follow the process and not waiver.

This is an important pillar in our 5 pillars of sales success.  Keep learning, keep moving and keep selling.  You’ve got this!

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