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3 Reasons To Use American Outsourced Sales Services

Are you looking to outsource your sales team? There are plenty of good reasons to do so. Without the stress of recruiting, training, and managing your own sales teams, your company can save money and time focusing on your product or service. But are you using American outsourced sales services?

Not all outsourced b2b sales services are made equal. Many companies choose to source their salespeople from overseas. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course – the world is filled with excellent businessmen. Yet there are certain things that hiring from in-state can provide that these other countries are not able to fulfill.

Read three reasons why hiring b2b outsources sales in the USA forms tighter relationships with clients and make working with these companies generally easier.

American Outsourced Sales Services Know the Territory

Regional differences can make a big impact in a sales call. As Chicagoans, we take a certain pride in the Cubs – and we’re happy to correct anyone who says we’re not home to a world class sports team.

But the further out one goes outside of the states, regional differences can build up and add tension to a call. People like to hear from salespeople they can connect with on a personal level – this is the bedrock of a solid sales strategy.

Outsourcing your sales team outside of the states can alter the brand image of your company. While we live in an increasingly global society, locality resonates in sales calls, and makes prospects more comfortable.

Time Zones

One of the trickiest things to manage when hiring out salespeople overseas is the time difference.

For anyone that has hopped the pond over to England, jet lag can be a pretty shocking experience. If someone based out of the UK were calling to LA, our 9am to 5pm would look more like a 5pm to 1am. Go any further east, and the numbers get even crazier.

Salespeople working overseas can manage their circadian rhythms, but reaching out to these people becomes increasingly difficult when you need something done at a certain time. A problem that can be solved in a quick email exchange over here can take considerably longer when the person you’re trying to get in touch with is fast asleep.

Fluency in Sales

Anyone who has visited certain pockets of Scotland or Ireland knows that, while we might technically be speaking the same language, we might as well be from two different planets.

When you outsource your sales team to a different country, you run the risk that English may not be their first language. More, the regional quirks that come with certain kinds of English can be more apparent and lead to confusion over the phones.

Different countries approach sales differently. What might seem to be a casual conversation in one country might seem like a harsh and pressured call in another. One of our pillars of success is built upon the technique of active listening – a type of repetition that is uniquely designed around American speech patterns. Using outsourced sales based in America lets you ensure that you’re speaking not only the same language, but with the same tone and mannerisms.

Conclusion: Why to Use American Outsourced Sales Services

The world is filled with top sales professionals, and there’s talent all across the globe. But when you source your b2b outsourced sales talent from America, you know what you’re getting.

Acquirent hires directly out of the greater Chicago area, and builds a diverse team of world-class sales professionals who take pride in their work. We speak the language of sales, and are completely dedicated to your company’s success.

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