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Acquirent Launches Online Sales Training Services

Acquirent, the leaders in outsourced sales, recently announced the launch of their new online sales training product offering. Over the past 12 years, Acquirent has focused on offering dedicated professional outsourced sales services in which they “recruit, train and manage” their clients’ sales teams. Initially Acquirent focused on serving small to midsized companies, but they quickly found their services becoming a strategic fit for some of the largest companies in the world. “The main reasons why an organization hires Acquirent is for our people, processes, sales training, and culture,” says Joe Flanagan, Acquirent’s CEO.

As Acquirent’s organization matured, so did their service offerings. In addition to outsourced sales services, Acquirent provides numerous services: direct sales recruiting and placement, sales consulting, Salesforce.com consulting and implementation, and now online sales training. A wise man once said that necessity is the mother of all invention, and that is how Acquirent’s online sales training came to be. Due primarily to advancements in technology, customers have adapted the way they make purchases and in turn changed how sales professionals must sell. “Unfortunately, the training that a salesman gets (if any) is still based off of 80’s and 90’s methodology and thinking,” says Geoff Winthrop, Acquirent’s Executive Vice President. Acquirent realized there is a tremendous sales training gap in most organizations. “Companies spend a significant amount of time and money recruiting, hiring and onboarding sales representatives, but when it comes to professionally training these individuals to sell there is a significant deficiency.”

Over the last decade Acquirent has developed, refined and delivered their custom “Sales Fundamentals” training series for every hire they have made. “When clients and prospective clients started asking if they could send their internal sales professionals through our in-house training, a light bulb went off,” says Jon Elhardt, Acquirent Vice President of Sales and Training. Acquirent realized that many organizations have good systems and management in place. They also hire many sales professionals with good potential, but unfortunately these organizations do an inadequate job of providing their sales representatives initial and ongoing sales training. “It dawned on us that there was a huge market and tremendous demand for professional sales training that is easily accessible, digestible, actionable and affordable”, Elhardt continued to say.

“We are extremely excited to launch our sales training division and to help fill a gap that has been only getting larger. Organizations must change their methodologies or go the way of the dinosaurs,” Flanagan states.

About Acquirent:

Acquirent (https://www.acquirent.com) is a leading provider of outsourced sales services for companies ranging from small startups to the Fortune 500. Pronounced Ac’-quire-nt, their name is a combination of the words “acquire” and “client.” They do three main things: they recruit, train, and manage their clients’ sales teams. In some instance their team is a strategic part of their clients’ sales infrastructure and in others they become their clients’ entire sales engine. The Acquirent sales teams are 100% dedicated to deliver a transparent and completely accountable solution while focusing on metrics, training, and the latest sales technology.

To learn more about Acquirent online sales training product go to http://knowledgelinktv.com/acquirent/