Top 10 Reasons I Love Working at ACQ: Brett Merle

There are many reasons why we reached our 10 Year Anniversary at Acquirent and one of them is working with great people. Meet Brett Merle, one of our most enthusiastic employees!


1. As an Evanston resident, riding my bike or taking the #201 bus to work.

2. The very contagious high-energy environment.

3. The relatively flat hierarchy makes me feel like the partners are more like teammates than partners.

4. The close-knit working relationship with team managers.

5. I love the opportunity to learn and connect with different clients and ideas.

6. Acquirent does a great job of keeping things green and clean.

7. Everybody says it so I have to also…. The guest speakers at morning meetings! I’ve had an opportunity to engage with successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and even politicians.

8. The provided fruits. I’m not a big bagged-snack person but I appreciate the bananas, apples, oranges etc. that Acquirent provides for us.

9. The company provided Biometrics screenings! A small sample of blood can help me tackle health risks BEFORE they become a problem.

10. The intangibles. Acquirent is a place where I have truly felt appreciated and connected to the company in a very organic way.

Brett Merle has been a fantastic addition to the Acquirent team, always serving up positivity and setting a strong example on the phones with his great voice. Brett is a graduate of Elmhurst College, and has proudly called Evanston his home for four years.

In celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary at Acquirent, we’re asking our teammates what they love about working here. Stay tuned to hear from more of the team.