Top 10 Reasons I Love Working @ ACQ: Jeffrey Marks

There are many reasons why we reached our 10 Year Anniversary at Acquirent and one of them is working with great people. Meet Jeffrey Marks, one of our biggest Team Players and one of the reasons we love coming to work each day.


By Jeffrey Marks

1. Acquirent is like sales graduate school. Everyday is a new opportunity to learn, practice, improve, and perfect our craft.

2. Racing up 5 floors on the stairs to beat anyone who is riding the elevator to our office.

3. Waking up in the morning knowing that my hard work will be rewarded and recognized by everyone and knowing when I walk into the office the smell of coffee and Joe’s music is there to greet me.

4. I get lots of feedback so that I know what I’m doing well and what I can improve on. It’s never offered as criticism and always offered as an opportunity to improve.

5. Taking the Acquirent Express… aka the Purple line.

6. Our headsets are so comfortable that I have accidently worn my headset when I’ve left the office.

7. Being able to see Chicago’s skyline and Lake Michigan from our office windows is a great benefit of our open office plan.

8. Lunchtime workouts at LA Fitness are a great way to rejuvenate in the middle of the day.

9. The open office space. Working in a large room with everyone at Acquirent, including the CEO and COO has helped me improve my sales skills as I am able to “eavesdrop” and learn so much from listening to other peoples calls.

10. We have amazing speakers at our morning meetings. It was a great surprise when the head of the DEA spoke to us! Cue single clap.

Bonus: Snack closet!

Jeffrey Marks has been a team player since joining Acquirent and serves as our local trivia expert. Jeffrey is a Colorado Mountain College Steamboat, and CSU alumni and loves sales because it allows him to choose how well he does and for the closing part (that part is pretty awesome).

In celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary at Acquirent, we’re asking our teammates what they love about working here. Stay tuned to hear from more of the team.

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