Acquirent employee Nate training video

The Importance of Training in 2016

In the past two years we have spent a tremendous amount of time working on our training skills and curriculum. As many of you know, we are an inside sales company and a great laboratory to test what works and doesn’t work selling for some of our clients. Through our own experiences both good and bad we have been able to reevaluate our training in the last couple of years and refine our teaching, leveraging technology. Jon Elhardt, who has taken the reins of our training curriculum has created a best in breed twelve step training class that provides our sales reps on the phones the tools to be more effective…immediately.

We started by developing a curriculum which is delivered every Wednesday morning for twelve weeks by our senior managers, who present a thirty minute session on a particular area. Topics include how to ask better questions, active listening, effective emails, and the power of a positive attitude in sales. In the past year we have been taping these sessions in order to practice and perfect our training pitch, and in the 4th quarter of 2015 we began integrating our twelve step classes into a learning management system based out of Chicago called LearnCore who has helped us upgrade our videos and provided us a platform to send these trainings to our teammates with questions, surveys, and tests to evaluate how much they have learned and how effective our training has become. Through LearnCore we have built another product, a morning warm-up session based off the twelve week training curriculum in order to support the messages of their training class. Those reps that are currently in the Sales Fundamentals program every morning jumpstart their day with a warm-up, this has proven to be more effective than coffee or Red Bull.

We will continue to use our learning management system and leverage our twelve week Sales Fundamentals program to create more content for our inside sales professionals to become more effective quicker. If you would like to learn more about our emerging curriculum, please contact me at