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Recruiting in the New Normal (Video)

Recruiting in the New Normal

Recruiting. It’s never been easy to pick the best of the best, but with every aspect of the sales process moved to a remote setting in our “new normal”, the challenge of recruiting talent is greater than ever.

Our process has historically relied on in-person meetings and other assessment tools to gauge a person’s “sales DNA”. Like many companies, we have also struggled to adapt to changes in the world.

With all of these changes, it might seem that the old toolbox has gone out the window. Our advice? Trust the process. The same assessments and processes that we’ve used in the past still work when paired with the latest video conferencing technology.

Find where a person’s values lie, find what makes them tick. Grit and positivity shine brighter than ever in times like these. Stick it out, and we’ll all make it out of the other side stronger than ever.

Show Me Where It Hurts

There’s no sense in putting it any other way: recruiting right now is hard, especially for sales b2b outsourcing companies. But this is what we do, and we pride ourselves on providing the best outsourced sales people to companies ranging from most interesting startups to the most prestigious Fortune 500 companies.

Here are some things that we have paid particular attention to during this time:

  • Grit – In times like these, the strong come through. Grit is one of our five pillars of success at Acquirent, and our salespeople have proven that they can produce the best results in the most tumultuous of times.
  • Positivity – We sometimes describe our sales practice as “smiling through the phone”. People are looking for hope in these times, and we can be the light at the end of the tunnel for both the companies we work with and the customers we serve.
  • Proven Work Ethic – Back in the office, our open office format meant that our highest ranking executives worked right next to our newest recruits. We seek to emulate that even when we work from home.

Hard work, determination, grit, and positivity – these are some of the traits we have always looked for in new hires, and while our methods may be different, our values stay the same.