July Roundup: 4 Ways to Use LinkedIn Effectively

LinkedIn boasts an incredible opportunity for networking, identifying leads and discussing the industry. However, too often individuals don’t take advantage of all the network has to offer. We’ve brought back our monthly roundup to highlight the 4 ways to use LinkedIn effectively.


Want to learn “How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile?” The Undercover Recruiter’s (@UndercoverRec) Jorgen Sundberg (@jorgensundberg) details 9 essential ways to make the most of your profile. Our biggest takeaway: Completely fill out your profile (including your photo) and start networking! LinkedIn is, at it’s core, a social network. Other tips Sundberg offers:

  • Get involved in groups and discussions: “If you add value to others, you will be noticed by people in your industry.”
  • Check out a company’s stats and trends: “If you see a wave of professionals jumping ship, you might want to reconsider that offer.”
  • Personalize your LinkedIn page: “There is an option of making your public profile have your name in the URL.”


Finding it hard to make time to even log into your account? Alpern Rosenthal’s (@alpernrosenthal) Alyssa Gallagher, in the Pittsburgh Business Times, shows you “How to master LinkedIn in 10 minutes a day.” By carving a set time each day and choosing one task to accomplish during each session, you’ll be that much farther ahead in your professional networking. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Research a client
  • Showcase your work
  • Join a professional group
  • Follow a company (like a potential client)
  • Message someone in your network


Huffington Post‘s (@huffingtonpost) Daniel Newman (@danielnewmanuv) brings up an important point about LinkedIn endorsements in “LinkedIn: Thanks for the Endorsement, Do I Know You?”

If you’ve started getting endorsements from your postal worker, that guy in the cube you pass on the way to the vending machine but have never spoken to and your Uncle John who’s been retired for 20 years, you’re not alone. Since LinkedIn rolled out with it’s skills-based “Endorsements” feature, many users have received these skills nods from not only folks unfamiliar with their abilities, but those they haven’t even professionally worked with.

After questioning their purpose in the first place, Newman determines endorsements can be useful, but with one condition. Simply put: Use them with purpose and mean what you say about the person you are complimenting.

“The more I think about it, the more I think
endorsements could be useful. But the caveat on that is
having the endorsements be for real items that people
have real experience with. Meaning … no more shooting blind.”


Finally, and it bears repeating: Don’t ignore LinkedIn. And if we haven’t convinced yet, take the word of Adrian Dayton (@adriandayton). In this Daily Report article, “Ignoring LinkedIn Has Consequences,” Dayton doesn’t talk about all the benefits of LinkedIn. Instead he highlights what you could be missing by not being there, including missing messages from contacts and giving a bad impression to future contacts. Although his business is law, the law and sales professions share many similarities.

“Jumping in to LinkedIn with both feet will keep you from suffering the ­consequences.”

So don’t delay. Set aside 10 minutes to optimize your LinkedIn profile right now. Then login tomorrow to begin reaping the networking benefits.

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