sales professionals discuss recruiting tech

How to Use the Growing Field of Recruiting Tech to Your Advantage

In today’s world full of constantly changing technology, a strong online presence has become essential for companies looking to grow and recruit strong candidates. In this video, Acquirent CEO Joe Flanagan sits down with HR Director Ryan Winthrop to chat about the growing field of recruiting tech and how companies can use it to their advantage.

It’s common knowledge that a key part of being competitive in the current business climate is keeping on top of tech trends and continually evolving with each new advancement. This is especially true with recruiting, as more and more candidates seek out positions online and through social media. Consequently, recruiting tech has grown into a huge industry—there are lots of companies out there selling technology for recruiters.

Find The Best Possible Fit

As an outsourced sales company, good tech is essential to Acquirent’s success, which is why we are always searching and trialing the newest advancements. Acquirent updates its recruiting tech to evolve with the industry, carefully researching and testing out different companies and systems to find the best fit for our business and its needs.

Currently, Acquirent’s recruiting team uses Lever, a company that suits our needs because of its user-friendliness and customization. Updating technology doesn’t have to be because something’s gone wrong with the equipment or systems. Rather, Acquirent updates and upgrades frequently to ensure that our recruiting team continually has the best possible tech to find the best possible candidates.

Adapt to the Modern Work Force

Conducting video interviews, hiring candidates to work remote positions, having employees with flexible work-from-home positions—while these practices might have seemed unorthodox as recently as ten years ago, today they are staples of the modern work force. Businesses that outsource sales and marketing know how important adaptable and flexible tech is to accommodating contemporary work practices.

Another big shift in the recruiting world has been the rise of texting in the business world.  As an industry, outsourced sales regularly incorporates texting when reaching out to prospective clients and customers, but texting can also be an excellent recruitment tool. Using texting instead of a phone call to begin the relationship with a candidate can be a great way to open the door for more in-depth conversations on the phone or in person. Adapting with these cultural shifts rather than fighting against them is a key component in continual recruiting success.

Get Your Brand Out There

Employers should counsel their recruiters to focus on their company brand first. Making that brand visible to prospective candidates, on social media and on websites like Glassdoor and Indeed, makes a huge difference in increasing exposure. More often than not, candidates turn to the internet when evaluating where they want to apply, so having an established presence online is one of the best recruiting tools a company can have.

At Acquirent, our recruiting team is constantly using Glassdoor and Indeed, as well as trialing other vendors such as Epcast and Muse. Thanks to our website and social media accounts, there are lots of places prospective candidates can find online to feel out our company culture. In this current technology boom, there are so many ways to use the internet, social media, and specialized recruitment tech to help you find the right candidate—and to help those candidates find you.