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Easy Ways to Get Referrals

Easy Ways to Get Referrals

In sales, the main focus is on finding prospects that are willing to close/sign up/buy your product, thus driving up your firm’s revenue. Upon that close, many believe that the sales cycle ends and that there is nothing else to be done. However, as sales in general shifts towards service, salespeople must act more to service needs. People want a product or service that will continue to provide positive experiences and make their lives easier. Not only that, people will actually recommend and refer others to products and services so that their lives can be made easier as well. For many in sales, referrals are an untapped resource of potential revenue just waiting to be reached. As Alec Baldwin’s character says in Glengarry Glen Ross, “They are sitting out there waiting to give you their money!”

So, how can you get the referrals and drive your generated revenue through the roof after you’ve already sold your service? Read on to learn a few easy ways.

Ask for Referrals at the Close

If you’ve just gotten your prospect to “sign on the dotted line,” you have them as a captive audience, and they are convinced of the merits of your product or service. (Otherwise, they wouldn’t have bought!) Now is the perfect time to see if your new client knows of any other potential prospects or users. It’s possible that they know of another contact within their professional network that has experienced the same issues that your product solves. Besides, what is the worst way they could respond? Likely just by saying, “No,” and hearing a “no” is something that every salesperson faces whether they are just starting out or have been selling for 15 years.

Check Back in with Your Clients

Often, there is a drop-off in contact between the time of purchase and when there is a problem. This reinforces the negative aspects of your product or service. It’s like buying flowers for your significant other. You want to buy them in good times to avoid the negative association of just doing it to make up with them. The same goes for products and services. If you reach out in good times, then your calls come across a lot better. Even if you uncover an issue on the customer’s end, you can help nip it in the bud and have a bona fide reason to continue to check in with them. Also, without reaching back out, you have no idea if they have met another professional in the same field since they made the purchase.

It is easy to be a salesperson that simply sells their product and then moves onto the next prospect or the next close, not caring about the closed prospect. Strive to go above and beyond, and you’ll see your referrals increase too.

Kevin Coleman
Senior Sales Executive, Acquirent