Why Product Knowledge is More Important Than Ever in Sales

In a marketplace where customers are searching for a personalized solution to their needs, understanding a product inside and out is an essential tool for salespeople hoping to gain an edge over the competition. Product knowledge empowers you to adapt your sales pitch to suit each prospect’s requirements and target their particular interests.

But learning about a product extends beyond memorizing details, features, and upgrades. Focus on the history, design, and unique benefits your product has to offer. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of product knowledge and a guide on how to prioritize ongoing learning.

What are the Benefits of Product Knowledge in Sales?

  • Builds Enthusiasm – It’s hard to present an enthusiastic pitch when you aren’t fully informed about a product. Increased product knowledge builds curiosity, heightens interest, and boosts your conviction in a product’s value. Your genuine enthusiasm will be obvious during the sales pitch, and may entice your prospect to discover more about your product.
  • Strengthens Confidence –The more you know about a product, the easier it is to adapt to the many variables of a sales interaction. Reps who invest time and energy into learning more about their products are more confident overall in sales meetings. Confidence translates to calmness and composure when presented with obstacles, and helps soothe nerves in high-stakes scenarios.
  • Sharpens Responses – Are you faced with a particularly detail-oriented prospect who wants to discuss every aspect of your product? Are you navigating a host of sales objections? Honing your product knowledge will help you meet these challenges with astute and precise responses. Having the knowledge and flexibility to answer difficult questions on the spot shows that you’re more committed to your product than the average salesperson.
  • Weeds Out the Competition – If your prospect chooses to explore other options, the goal is to demonstrate how your product or service stands out from the crowd. By offering thorough demonstrations, insightful opinions, and helpful statistics, you’ll ensure your product makes a distinct impression. Remember, sales success is about building relationships as much as it is about spouting information. Maintaining a thorough understanding of your product will help you respond to your prospect’s concerns and anticipate their needs more effectively.

How Do You Increase Your Product Knowledge?

Sales reps who invest time in ongoing education are more confident, effective, and enthusiastic when interacting with clients. Seek opportunities to learn from your peers, attend demonstrations, and interact with clients to gain a well-rounded insight into your product’s strengths and weaknesses.

Use Marketing Literature: Start by delving into your company’s marketing literature. Chances are, the marketing department has a succinct list of products and specifications to help you communicate complex details more effectively. Partnering with the marketing department ensures that you are presenting prospects with a cohesive view of your company’s history, values, and products.

Attend Ongoing Training and Demos: If your company offers ongoing training sessions, it’s always helpful to get a refresher on the newest sales techniques, upgrades, and features. Use these opportunities to check in with peers and discuss sales strategies and helpful tips.

Collaborate with Other Reps: Whether you’re a newcomer to a company or a long-time employee, partner with other reps to practice sales pitches, role-play customer interactions, and discuss challenges. Rehearsing your sales interactions can alleviate nerves and help you feel more focused and grounded during sales calls. Plus, more experienced reps may be able to offer some insight into their preferred techniques.

Read Customer Reviews: Engage with your product from the consumer’s point-of-view by reading customer reviews. It’s helpful to know what clients think of the product and note if there are any frequent issues that arise. This way, if a prospect brings up a review, you’ll be equipped to respond with an informed answer.

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