Sales Etiquette for Remote Workers

After two years of pandemic-related office closures, it’s fair to say that remote work is here to stay. But although remote work has been the new norm, many employees are still learning the ropes when it comes to sales etiquette in a remote setting.

Whether you’re just starting out in a remote sales position or need an etiquette refresher, here are our tips on how to be polite and successful in a remote sales environment.

#1 Dress the Part

Suit jacket on top, PJs on the bottom? We don’t recommend it. Although it’s certainly tempting to hang out in your sweat pants all day, wearing work-appropriate clothing is a must when it comes to remote work etiquette.

  • Increases Your Productivity: Making the simple switch to nice pants and a button-up shirt puts you in the working mindset. PJs are comfortable, but changing into work clothes helps you mentally transition out of relaxation time and into work mode.
  • Prepares You for Surprises: Always be ready to take a video call. Even if your upcoming meeting is scheduled as a phone call, it’s common for a prospect or coworker to ask to switch to a video call. You don’t want to be caught off guard in your lounge-clothes, so save yourself the stress and come to work dressed for success.

Dressing professionally doesn’t mean being uncomfortable. Try swapping your PJs for comfortable slacks or nice jeans and a sweater. Many work environments won’t require you to wear a suit every day while working remotely.

#2 Be Aware of Time Zones

The blessing and the curse of remote work is that prospects and colleagues may be tuning in from all over the country. This means that you might be juggling multiple domestic, and international, time zones throughout a day.

Utilize features on your calendar app to demarcate time zone discrepancies, or make a note in your planner so you don’t forget. This way, you can relax and focus on the content of your meetings rather than the logistics.

#3 Be On Time

Some things haven’t changed with the uptick in remote work, and it’s still essential to prioritize timeliness when it comes to meetings and calls.

  • Anticipate technology-related delays by testing your microphone and speaker before calls begin.
  • Ensure you have what you need (writing utensils, supplemental materials etc.) ready before starting a sales call.
  • Plug in your device so you don’t need to worry about a call being interrupted by power loss.

#4 Don’t Multitask

This may seem like an obvious tip, but many remote workers fall into the inconsiderate habit of multitasking during long phone or video calls. We know that business calls are often lengthy, but it’s still not appropriate to play solitaire on your phone, draft emails, or work on other projects in the middle of a meeting or call. Your lack of focus will be obvious and you’ll be less attuned to social queues.

#5 Set Boundaries

Another common pitfall of remote work is having lax work / life boundaries. When working from home, it’s tempting to send one last email, make one last call, or check messages during your free-time. But setting boundaries is a healthy way to maintain a positive balance between relaxation and work. Make a policy that when the work day ends, you put away work concerns and devote time to your hobbies, loved ones, and family.

Along the same lines, it’s imperative to respect your coworker’s or prospect’s boundaries.  With access to clients 24/7, remote work may feel like a sales free-for-all. However this couldn’t be further from the truth. Avoid a major faux pas and only make your sales calls during standard business hours.

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