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Career Tips: Networking Groups in Chicago

Chicago Sales Groups To Join

Are you new to Chicago, or new to the sales profession?

Don’t worry – for a huge city, Chicago is remarkably welcoming professional community, and the Chicago sales community is no different. Professional networking is one of the best ways to continue your professional development and grow your career, and Chicago is a town that loves to network.

Networking Is Important

Joining sales associations and Linkedin groups will help you make precious contacts that can assist you in achieving professional goals [to learn more about using Linkedin, click here]. Whether you’re looking for that next great career or looking to gain face time with a potential client, it’s all about who you know.

Networking helps you establish and build relationships with industry pros that may benefit your own professional goals. There are a lot of great Chicago sales groups and associations, but today I’ve got a few suggestions for groups tailored to new or young Chicago sales professional.


1. American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) – Chicago Chapter
The AA-ISP is an established professional sales organization in Chicago where corporations and individuals specializing in the field of Inside Sales can meet and discuss industry trends, make business contacts, and even find their next employment opportunities. Acquirent has been an active member with this organization and has made tremendous contacts through involvement. We practice what we preach!

2. Chicago Sales Networking

This LinkedIn group is managed by the team at Bottom Line Recruiting, an organization we at Acquirent have had a great relationship with. With over 10,000 members and a very active discussion board, it’s a great resource for young sales professionals to learn and meet new contacts. Additionally, there are fresh sales positions posted daily for those seeking new employment opportunities.

3. Network After Work – Professional and Business Networking Events (Chicago)

Network After Work is a LinkedIn group with over 45,000 members (the Chicago subgroup has over 4,000). This group does exactly what its title alludes to – specifically designed to match individuals with industry specific networking events in their respective cities. It’s another very active group with daily events and activities where individuals can build their professional networks.

4. B2B Sales

Yet another LinkedIn group, the B2B Sales group (21,000 members) is focused strictly on Business to Business sales methodologies and tactics. From navigating gate keepers at SMBs (small and mid-size businesses) to working with large corporations, professionals in this industry provide their input to help troubleshoot issues in the B2B sales world. For those new to the industry, this advice is gold!

While my list is not an end-all-be-all of the available groups that sales professionals can join in the Chicago area, it is a great starting point for those wondering where to start. Those who affiliate with professional groups and stay active with their contributions and discussion will eventually be noticed by a desirable professional in their field.

Whether this helps in the job hunt or in making a potential client, networking and getting noticed is the name of the game.

Happy Job Hunting!

Ryan Winthrop