Workouts and Checkups in the Workplace

Recently, Acquirent conducted a company-wide health risk assessment where we hired an independent company to draw blood, gather weight and height measurements (or the lack of height in my case) for every employee (no matter if they were on our company insurance plan or not). We did this because we feel that there is a direct correlation of one’s personal health and well-being to one’s sales production while in the office.


Especially working behind a desk and on the phone all day long, it is crucial for our sales professionals to maintain a healthy well-balanced lifestyle. Many of Acquirent’s employees use lessons that they have learned from sales to keep their lives balanced. The following are a couple ideas that we use in our offices to stay healthy:

  • Know Where You Stand. You don’t know what you have to improve on if you don’t know where you currently stand today. I use my annual physical (or a company-wide health risk assessment when offered by an employer) as my baseline.
  • Set Your Goals (and Be Precise). Just like in sales, once you know where you are, you need to define where you want to go. Most people set extremely vague goals such as, “I want to lose weight,” but they never set deadlines, quantifiable goals and tactics to what they want to achieve them. How can you accomplish a goal without knowing exactly what you want to accomplish, how and by when? As you set your health goals, be as descriptive as possible. For example, “I want to lose 15 pounds by June 1, 2013 by working out three days a week” or “I want to lower my cholesterol by 10 points by this summer by reducing cholesterol-causing food from my diet.” Also, write down your goals so they’re visible to you every day! Even better, tell a friend or family member to hold you accountable. Many Acquirent employees enlist a coworker to help hold them accountable on the days they “Don’t feel like going to the gym.”
  • Build the Game Plan. Once your goals are established, you need to build the game plan or road map of how you are going to achieve these goals. Plan out your meals ahead of time. Be sure to fit in workouts in your schedule. Set dates to revisit how you are doing with your goals.
  • Execute! Now that your goals are established and your game plan is in place, now you need to JUST DO IT!

As I always say “Sales is tough!” but you can help manage the highs and lows of sales by keeping yourself fit and well.

What are you doing to create balance in your life? Have you set any 2013 resolutions this year?