Why Small Businesses and Startups Should Outsource Sales

In the startup environment, each team member must wear many hats for the company to succeed. With all hands on deck working to keep current clients happy, develop your product or service, and grow your business, it can be difficult to find the time and energy—not to mention the dedicated staff—needed to find and follow up on quality leads.

We’ve put together a short and sweet list of three common scenarios that the budding startup may be facing in regards to sales. The solution for all three is outsourcing some aspect of your sales activity—but each for a very different reason. Do any of these apply to you or your business?

  • Your company doesn’t have enough sales opportunities, or enough manpower to create them. Sometimes small business owners get so caught up in the day-to-day that they may lose track of the big picture. Only the strongest businesses make it past their first five years, so getting a handle on your early growth—and the scalability of your sales efforts—is key.
  • Sales isn’t your business’s core activity, but is still important for your growth—especially if your company is still young. If your small business’s core activity is developing a product or providing a standout service, then you need to devote significant time and energy to developing what makes your business great and sets you apart in the marketplace. Sales is the lifeline of any business, and in my opinion, it is critical to have a dedicated approach to sales to keep the cash flowing in, so outsourcing your sales activity to an experienced team who can hit the ground running is the smart choice.
  • You have sales talent on board, but they need to level up. Startups often employ younger talent who are early in their careers and invested in learning from their roles in growing a new business. That’s awesome, but a seasoned sales rep’s years of experience bring insights that are invaluable. Bringing in a Chicago sales consulting service can help you mentor, train and develop your team to channel their passion and energy into revenue.

At Acquirent, we’ve provided outsourced sales services to the Chicago area for years, so we know that small businesses face some unique challenges. If any of the points above remind you (even slightly) of your own situation, then it’s time to think seriously about your sales strategy.