LinkedIn Sales Navigator

4 Tips For Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Useful LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tips

Searching for high-quality prospects without the right tools and methodology can feel like searching for unicorns at the bottom of the sea. The good news is that some of the most common online search tools can be highly effective when leveraged correctly. My sales team has found LinkedIn Sales Navigator to be an especially powerful tool for prospecting. It has been a staple of our process for over a year.

Here’s are some LinkedIn Sales Navigator tips that we’ve found particularly effective:

Identify the commonalities of your best prospects’ profiles.

    • Look at profiles of preexisting clients or prospects you’ve already determined to be highly qualified
    • Take note any title(s), group(s), skill(s), certification(s), and connections they have in common

Use Lead Builder to conduct a broad search of your entire region.

    • Enter all identified criteria in the appropriate search box
    • Enter your region
    • Run your search

Refine your search.

    • Update your search terms as you find more elements in common
    • If your results are clouded by unqualified prospects, you can exclude criteria from your search by writing “NOT” before a search term in Keywords
      • For example:

In a search for Chief Compliance Officers of companies in the United States, I can exclude healthcare compliance by writing “NOT healthcare” in Keywords

Save it and track updates.

    • Once saved, you’ll be notified whenever someone on LinkedIn changes their profile to fit your criteria
    • Regularly receive new prospects with no extra work

Other people already did the work!

    • Chances are that many other sales people in your industry are also prospecting on LinkedIn with similar search criteria
    • LinkedIn tracks this data for us in the “People also Viewed” side bar
    • This is an easy way to find qualified prospects others have found

Try out a few different versions of these searches and see what works for you. You might prefer broad searches that include just one or two search terms, or very specific searches with 10+ terms. Once you’ve found what works and built your base searches, try experimenting with more intricate search criteria using Boolean—Searching on LinkedIn.

The more creative you get, the more leads you’ll find.

Happy prospecting!