Top Characteristics of a Successful Sales Professional

Acquirent has been hiring sales professionals for close to a decade now and we realize that great sales people come in all different shapes and sizes. That said we do believe there are a some characteristics that successful sales people hold in common. These characteristics include:

1. Having a Positive Attitude. Sales is tough! If you don’t have a positive attitude in sales, you will not succeed.

2. Asking Great Questions. Without asking great questions, one can’t uncover the true pain that a prospective client is feeling and how your solution/product can help.

3. Shutting up and Listen! You can ask the best questions (open ended of course) in the world, but if you don’t listen to what your prospective client is saying you will not know how (and even if) you can help.

4. Be a Product Expert. Finally you need to know your product, your competition, the industry, etc. Once you become a product expert, you move from being a “sales guy” or “sales gal” to becoming a trusted adviser.

When recruiting sales professionals for your organization, please try and keep these key characteristics in mind as they will hopefully help you identify your next star sales professional.

Happy Selling and Happy Holidays!