Top 10 Reasons I Love Working at ACQ: Katie Winland

There are many reasons why we reached our 10 Year Anniversary at Acquirent and one of them is working with great people. Meet Katie Winland, one of our most enthusiastic employees!


By Katie Winland

1. The different opportunities Acquirent has offered me that have allowed me to grow individually and professionally.

2. The Mentorship Program, which has given me an additional resource for support and to learn and grow in my sales career.

3. The open communication with management.

4. Acquirent is constantly learning and improving the company. They want what’s best for the company and its employees.[/fusion_text][/two_third][fusion_text]5. It feels like a big family. Everyone is super friendly with each other. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people working here that I’ll always consider friends.

6. Our Holiday Season! We always have a lot of fun days. We have an ugly sweater competition, holiday give exchange, and a lot of potlucks!

7. Being apart of a company that’s constantly giving back to the community. We have a great Philanthropy program that gives us the opportunity to support charities in Evanston and other areas of Chicago.

8. Our office is located in Evanston which is an easy commute for a lot of people. It’s a great area to work in with a lot of shops and tasty restaurants.

9. Our dress code! We dress up on occasion but for the most part it’s very casual which I appreciate big time!

10. Our morning meetings are always very entertaining! It’s a great moment we have each day to acknowledge sales individually and to get a praise by the partners and our fellow coworkers.

In celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary at Acquirent, we’re asking our teammates what they love about working here. Stay tuned to hear from more of the team.

Katie Winland has been with Acquirent for almost two years and has been a very passionate member of the team. Katie is a Kent State University alumni and loves sales because it gives her the opportunity to build relationships with customers and learn something new everyday.

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