The Right Sales Philosophy is Always Relevant

While business environments and markets change constantly and demand vision and motivation to act in response, core guiding principles should always inform the how businesses pursue the grail of growth. Being reactionary is prudent when change is needed, but straying from core values always leads to a slippery slope – one that often descends into the destruction of companies’ reputations and sales.

Sales forces in particular are especially vulnerable to straying the course in pursuit of a buck. While tougher times invariably require more work from salespeople – more phone calls, meetings, and networking – implementing a few of these free sales tips in the philosophy that guides their sales team will serve companies at all times – and especially well during tougher times like now.

  • The customer wants to know how your product addresses their needs. Be a problem solver before a pitchman.
  • Networking is the essence of sales. The more people you meet and get to know, the more people will be receptive to your products and services (as clients) and the broader spectrum of expertise you’ll have to draw from in order to help you grow.
  • Be friendly and make friends – friends are more trustworthy (and more accountable) than ‘salespeople.’
  • Be confident. Demonstrating confidence in your product or service is an absolute prerequisite for building the customer’s confidence in what you’re offering.
  • Knowing a product cold isn’t enough to sell it – but it’s a good start. A great attitude – friendly, confident, enthusiastic is most of the battle, but knowing the product well will make it easier to sell to customers with a wider range of needs.
  • Never “sell.” – Laying it on thick is not only disingenuous and unethical, it’s also rarely successful.
  • Have fun. Someone who is smiling and laughing, and making the client smile and laugh, is someone from whom the client will always prefer to buy.
  • Be a good person. Being honest and generous will not only boost the confidence so important to being a good salesperson – it’s just the right way to be. (Of course, tip #2 is relevant here as well.)

These free sales tips are just a few that can help guide companies’ salespeople through good markets and bad markets alike. While sales strategies and tactics should be adapted to meet goals, companies are ill-advised to stray from these guidelines, which are ingrained in the marrow of the world’s best salespeople.

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