The Common Traits of a Successful Sales Person

Acquirent has been hiring sales professionals for close to a decade now and we realize that great sales people come in all different sizes, shapes and backgrounds. That said we do believe there are certain characteristics that successful sales people hold in common. These characteristics are:

1. Have a positive attitude. Sales is tough! We believe people can sense your passion and commitment to what you’re selling (either in person or over the phone) and respond accordingly. If you don’t have a positive attitude in sales, you will not succeed. I believe when you get out of bed in the morning, you have two choices: you can be a victim or you can make it a great day, we hire the latter.

2. Ask great questions. Acquirent sells sophisticated and complex products and services; we believe without asking great questions a sales professional cannot uncover true pain that a prospect is feeling and discover how our client’s solution/product can address their needs.

3. Shut up and listen! A sales person can ask the best questions (open ended, of course) in the world but if they do not shut up and listen to what their prospective client is saying they will never learn what the prospect needs or wants.

4. Be a product expert. Finally, you need to know your product: your competition, the industry and many other important factors. Once you become a product expert, you move from being a “sales guy” or “sales gal” to becoming a trusted resource with whom your prospect feels comfortable.