The art of making sales involves the science of the human mind

Of all sales tips a sales consultant should heed, earning the right to close a deal is paramount. A buyer should become convinced of the viability of the product. A sales consultant should earn the right to close a deal only after the buyer has been convinced that the product is sound. A sale shouldn’t have to be a hot potato, something you get off your hands quickly so the deed is done by the time the ringer sounds. A good sale is something the new owner should be glad to get, an agreement they don’t regret but actually feel better about long after the deal has closed.

You have to overcome the buyer’s objections, and that can only be done through winning the buyer’s trust through sustainable arguments. Convince them of the viability of the product and what that product can mean to their particular market. Swaying the buyer with the reasonableness of the product is one of the most important sales tips a consultant can learn. Ask the client if they can see the value of the product to their organization, knowing the only natural answer is yes, even if saying yes to the actual sale may be a long way off. Conviction comes first. Once the client has been convinced, the money will follow.

Sticking to the conviction process is important, but equally paramount is the knowledge of when to disqualify, when to write off a client and concentrate on a more likely sale. It may be difficult to discard or downplay a potential buyer because the lines of communication has already been open, but you want more than communication- you want quantified sales and actual turn-around. As an expert sales consultant knows when the convincing is having an effect on the client, he or she also knows when it is time to cut disinterested parties loose and concentrate on those markets that have a more promising return.

It’s all about understanding how people think, reading their minds like poker players, weighing all the options and making a qualified decision. Making sales is an art, one that becomes more successful with practice. The beauty of outsourcing your sales to a qualified consultant company is they’ve already honed and proven their techniques. They know when to close a deal; they know how to close a deal. They know qualified ways to maximize your sales profits.

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