The 5 Key Traits Of Top Sales People

At Acquirent we believe there are 5 pillars that embody the characteristics that separate good sales people from great sales people.

Each day we work with our team members to provide the environment, the tools, the training and the reinforcement that sustain these integral characteristics.  If someone were to ask any of our team members about these characteristics, they would tell them the Acquirent 5 Pillars are:


You need to have a positive attitude each time you pick up the phone or meet with a prospect. Your prospects and clients can hear that smile through your phone and they will listen to someone who is passionate and driven about their product. Without a positive attitude, you will never be able to show the benefits of your product.


How else can we learn what our prospects need if we don’t ask relevant, open ended and easy to answer questions? Asking good questions and walking your prospect down a path is the true artistry of a top salesperson. People like to talk about themselves, so you must ask questions that are not self-serving but ask questions that will garner information that is prospect centered.


This is tried and true advice but is often overlooked when you have a live person on the other end of the phone. If you ask great questions but never give that person a chance to respond, you may as well not even pick up the phone to talk to them. Listening to the needs and issues of your prospects will arm top sales people with everything they need to know to close the deal.


Top sales people are always students of their industry and the product they sell. If you know your product thoroughly, as well as understand the intricacies of your industry, you can be a true expert. Clients buy from well-versed consultants. Product Knowledge can captivate and capture your prospects and turn them into customers.


Sales is hard, and salespeople have to be resilient to get the ultimate sales ‘yes’. Top sales people have a consistent push to get the close and a consistent will to not give up. They work hard day in and day out and operate with a persistence to simply win. If you can’t roll up your sleeves and get “gritty”, you can never truly close.

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