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Thank you notes still impress

Benefits Of Handwritten Thank You Notes

It’s always a bit surprising to see boxes of thank-you notes around the office as in this digital age it seems a little antiquated to use “snail mail”. But old school means of communications still strike a positive chord for recipients and senders alike.

We asked a few colleagues who send and receive thank-you notes why this old form of communications still works.

Job Interviews

According to Ryan Winthrop, the Recruiting Coordinator at Acquirent, after a candidate interviews at , he thinks a handwritten thank-you note in the mail is key. “If anything, a handwritten note shows that you are taking the time to value someone else’s time and that is one stroke of old school genius we rarely see anymore.‘” says Winthrop.

It makes them never forget you. In today’s fast paced world, it always feels good to know someone actually cares enough to think to do such a gesture. It could be that thank-you note that lifted their spirits that day… leaving an everlasting impression. – Tiffany Early, Sales Executive

Three reasons I write thank-you notes -Jake Rhode, Sales Executive

  • It shows the service side of sales and that I am dedicated to their needs not the other way around.
  • It sets me a part and gives them an easy way of remembering me when I call the next time.
  • Thank you notes keep me focused on the purpose of sales, the customer.

Set Yourself Apart

Differentiation! No one writes hand written thank-you notes any more. Back in the day it was common practice, but in today’s day of instant messaging, texting and other quick communication methods the art of the thank-you note is being quickly forgotten. You want to stand out? Write a thoughtful thank-you note. – Geoff Winthrop, Executive Vice President

Outside the Acquirent offices the thank-you note culture is referred to in numerous publications and by professionals on the Acquirent radar like Craig Wortmann. Wortmann is founder and CEO of Sales Engine and a professor of entrepreneurship at the University of Chicago?s Booth School of Business.

Habits Of Successful Salespeople

In a recent article on, Wortmann says thank-you notes are 1 of 3 habits of good sales people and bosses. “Write old-fashioned thank-you notes. I’ll bet you are already in the habit of sending thank-you emails after high-stakes meetings. That’s a good habit. Here’s a better one. Take time to compose a handwritten thank-you note and pop it in the mail. Email is too easy and common. There’s no cost to you: you don’t have to hunt around for paper, an envelope, and a stamp or to look up a street address. Consequently, emails barely register.

Not every interaction warrants a handwritten thank-you note. But those in which decisions are made, progress can be measured, or people work very hard, often do. I routinely get phone calls and emails from executives thanking me for my thank-you note! It has an impact. And making an impact is a great habit.“

Forbes Magazine reports that “while some professions have fully transitioned into the digital realm of emailed follow-ups, handwritten notes are still alive and well in others”.

At Acquirent we truly understand the art of engaging prospects and sending a thank-you note is just one more way to build credibility and a relationship.

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