Telemarketing Sales Tips

If your organization trains or hires telemarketers, following are four sales tips to keep in mind for them. It will help you to help them do the best job possible.
Follow a Script: No matter how experienced or comfortable a telemarketer is, they should always have a script to follow. A telemarketing script is valuable for the following reasons:
–Curbs Customer Unpredictability: Telemarketers interact with people. Any time you deal with people, the unpredictability factor is high. A telemarketing script helps the telemarketer to stay on message and curb the impact of customer unpredictability.
–Get All Needed Info: When dealing with customers, it’s easy to forget to obtain all information. The telemarketer may be thrown off by a question the customer asks, and poof, they forget to ask for an alternate phone number.
–Upsell: Scripts help telemarketers to sell more. How? It reminds them to ask all pertinent questions, eg, “Would you like to take advantage of our 10% off offer? It’s only good for today.” Without a script in front of them, the telemarketer can easily forget one-time offers like this.

Sales tips like following a script help telemarketers do their job better.
Observe Laws: Perhaps the most important sales tips when it comes to telemarketers revolve around following the law. The rules have change dramatically over the last decade or so about how prospects can be contacted, when, by whom, etc.
Maintain Courtesy: Part of any telemarketer’s training is how to deal with rude, abusive customers. However, you rarely find telemarketing sales tips that pertain strictly to manners.
As dealing with objectionable customers is a routine part of sales outsourcing for a telemarketer’s, they should be put through a series of mock scenarios in training. This will allow them to learn to respond courteously, no matter how disagreeable the party on the other line is being.

To ensure an effective sales force, ensure that your telemarketers are routinely given useful telemarketing sales tips so they can perform their best at all times.

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