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Take Your CRM to the Next Level with…Google Maps?

Always find yourself on the go, traveling to meetings with prospects, leads and clients?

In Chicago, one client visit can easily eat up half of your day due to the city’s lovely traffic. While I don’t have a fix for the Chicago commute, I did recently learn of a way you can get more accomplished during your travels.

Google Maps.

Yes, Google Maps. How? It can be used as an extension of your current CRM that serves to map out the location of all your contacts, making it a useful tool for the always-busy salesperson.

Why You Should Map Your Clients, Leads and Opportunities

If you’re unable to visualize your clients geographically, you’re putting yourself at a major disadvantage. Why?

Missed opportunities and wasted time.

When you drive downtown to meet a with a client, have you considered what other clients or opportunities are located around the same area? How many more client touches you could have while you’re in the area, instead of making multiple trips on different days to connect with each contact?

Google Maps can eliminate these uncertainties by mapping out everyone in your sales funnel. With a map of every client and opportunity available at your fingertips, getting the most out of your day becomes a whole lot easier.

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