Selling for Social Entrepreneurs

With entrepreneurship gaining widespread popularity, a new kind entrepreneur has surfaced. This entrepreneur is interested in a number of charitable endeavors, and most of his/her customers aren’t exactly typical. Social entrepreneurship can do one of two things: sell a product and promise to give back what others spent (Ex. Tom’s shoes). Or, a social entrepreneur may focus their attention on the mass of customers who have been marginalized, forgotten, or underserved by businesses across the world that didn’t see potential in their group’s purchasing power. At Acquirent, your outsourced sales group near Chicago, we wanted to give budding social entrepreneurs some tips on selling their products to a consumer base that differs from the norm.

  • What You Say is As Important As What You Do: Social entrepreneurs are often in the precarious situation of having to sell both their words and their actions. As we’ve mentioned before, your company’s mission statement is extremely important for selling, even more so for the social entrepreneur. Your words have to be honest, and you must reflect that honesty through your actions. Social entrepreneurs should keep their businesses transparent in order to gain ethos from customers and supporters alike.
  • You Can’t Just Work Remotely: While your headquarters can be just about anywhere, you need to make sure you and your people are interacting with potential customers in their homes, cities, and countries. To do this, invest in people who have the charisma and social know-how to move people towards your company’s goals. Put these people on the ground in targeted regions, and let them stir up interest.
  • Give the People What They Want: Take the Tom’s brand for instance; they’ve built a brand on an idea: give customers a better reason to buy. For every pair of their shoes an average consumer buys, the company will give one pair to a person in need. If your brand allows customers to feel as if they’re part of a bigger movement, they’ll likely buy, and buy again, and they’ll feel good doing it.

Social entrepreneurship is still an evolving field, and there’s room to make a huge impact. For more business sales training tips in Evanston, get in touch with the team here at Acquirent. It’s time your social venture moved beyond an idea. With the proper sales tactics, you can build a movement.

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