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The Psychology of a Sales Rep

Sales is an industry that can produce almost immediate results. As such, it is easy to base the value of a salesperson on external outcomes like the individual’s performance or the revenue they generate. Whether it is based on self-reflection or feedback from colleagues, this type of thinking can be destructive to employees. What happens when they do not hit those numbers? What happens when the results are not immediate?

Basing an individual’s self-worth as an employee on whether or not they hit their numbers can be damaging. If an employee’s framework for success is founded on something that may not fully be in their control, they may suffer a blow to their esteem if they do not achieve their goals. It is easy for them to forget about the efforts they invested in their work when all they can focus on is the fact that they have fallen short. This skewed perception can cause employees to feel desperate for any semblance of success. They may lose sight of all their long-term goals while focusing only on what is right in front of them: the notion that they are falling behind.

While in a rut due to missing their numbers, it is important for employees to understand and disrupt the negative thoughts swimming around their heads. Consistency in work is vital, as habits are beneficial for employees to hold on to when things may not be going their way. When outcomes feel out of an employee’s control, they can focus on daily habits that will help them in the long term. It is important for employees to remain mindful of the training and habits they have gained during their times of success.

It is also essential that employees stay aware of all the effort they put into their work, even when they cannot see immediate results from their actions. It is impossible to attain long-term goals if they are not able or willing to put in the time and effort. Although it may seem difficult at the time, employees will learn about themselves and their work ethic during times of failure. It is easy to focus on tangible goals like increasing revenue or hitting a certain number, but employees cannot digress from making progress behind the scenes. It is difficult to measure effort and ambition, but those traits are what empower an employee to reach their goals.