Communication with Outside Sales Reps

Communication with Outside Sales Reps

Communication is Key

To succeed in inside sales, communication with outside sales representatives is essential. It is important to be in touch constantly when setting appointments for outside reps. If you are working on their calendars, using their lead lists, or calling in their territories, it is very important that you keep them in the loop because they are the ones who show up at the appointments you schedule.

Means of communication

You can communicate with your outside sales reps via email, phone, or text to keep them informed of everything that is happening in their territory. If there is something you are not sure about, simply ask them. They will be more than happy to help you, as their success depends on yours.

For example, I have one outside sales representative with whom I text on a daily basis. Even if he does not have an appointment for that day, we keep in touch and help each other. He sometimes has leads that he cannot reach, so he will ask me to try to connect and see if I have better luck. He follows up with me to recap his appointments, and I keep him informed about calls and appointments I make for him. He also keeps his calendar updated for me so that I can set appointments for him during the days and times he is available. If he needs to have something rescheduled, he lets me know and I am happy to make changes.

Benefits of outside sales reps

Outside sales representatives also have insights that will help you set better appointments and be more successful. Because they are in the field every day, they see things that you do not. They can see facial expressions, body language, and even the office itself. There are many things that can be sensed over the phone, but outside sales representatives learn even more by meeting with prospects in person. If your outside sales representatives are in other parts of the country, they can also help you learn the best ice breakers, places to target, or even what to avoid when setting appointments in particular regions. For example, if I am calling Boston, my rep might remind me to mention the Boston Red Sox or the New England Patriots to spark a conversation with a potential client. Your outside sales representative can also keep you informed of the weather in the area. For instance, when there was a blizzard in the Northeast, a few of my outside sales representatives informed me that many businesses were closed and I would likely not reach many people that day. This type of information is invaluable!

It is always a good idea to keep in communication with as many people as you can. Your co-workers, your manager, your clients, and especially your outside sales representatives are important people in your sales career who can help you learn, grow, and succeed. We all need each other’s insights to make the sale the best it can be. Communication with your outside reps may be the difference between a $100 and a $100,000 deal.


Written By: Jen Klein,

Acquirent Sales Representative