Sales Force Augmentation

As a new decade unfolds, companies are looking to increase their sales in every way possible. These same companies are starting to realize that sales force augmentation (also know as sales force outsourcing) is a great way to increase it’s reach without having to add additional head count, management, infrastructure, benefit costs, etc.

Sales force augmentation allows companies with an existing sales force to target clients that traditional have proven not to be cost effective to chase with their internal sales force. It also could provide an “inside sales” quarterback for companies with an internal outside sales force. The outsourced sales partner can cold call, qualify, learn the landscape and schedule an appointment for a company’s outside sales force.

For those without a sales force, sales force augmentation can act as a company’s sales department without having the owners/partners be involved in the day-to-day sales recruiting, training and management. Many smaller companies have a hard time building and maintaining an effective sales culture/environment and recruiting/hiring and managing effective sales representatives.