Sales Trends for 2014 – A Look Ahead

When I began my career in sales in 1986 (I just turned 50 this week) the most important attributes in sales were hard work, a rich network of contacts, and an ability to deliver a crisp elevator pitch to a prospect on the phone. As I enter the back nine of life, the art of sales has certainly changed.

I have found getting connected to people requires more than just good phone skills; the Internet has greatly enhanced our ability to deliver our message to prospects and is easier for them to respond directly and quickly on their time and through their preferred method.

The most powerful tool we use in sales at Acquirent is a combination of our Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and the data we acquire through the multitude of resources we have in addition to our prospecting prowess. As 2014 emerges, we are working with other technology consultants to utilize this data to connect with our prospects and deliver pitches about our products. The power of using this CRM to drip messages to our prospects has allowed us to acquire more customers for our clients.

In 2014 we will continue to use the data we acquire, leverage the power of CRM that will allow our skilled sales people to communicate with qualified prospects directly through the phone and email to sell our clients’ products. We continue to work to utilize the best data resources, the best technology , to augment our disciplined and structured inside sales calling efforts.