Sales Trend for 2015 – Retaining Talent

As 2014 comes to a close, I am reflecting on how our business has changed and concentrating on one of the greatest challenges we have faced and continue to face as a business – how to attract and retain quality sales professionals.

Last year at this time I was forecasting that technology would have the biggest impact on sales in 2014. The use of technology had a massive impact on our business last year and although it will continue to do so, another issue will become just as prevalent in 2015

We are very fortunate that every month more and more businesses embrace how their products and services can be sold using a a professional inside sales company. We have had the good fortune of having a difficult time keeping up with this demand. Our recruiters scour the internet, attend conferences, and embrace all the other tools available to find and attract sales talent – the search for talent never lets up.

If you know of anybody looking for an exciting career in sales please have them contact our recruiting department at In addition to people excited to work in sales we are also looking for candidates who have the core principals of a successful sales person.

Acquirent is built on the following core principles and we expect our talented teammates to develop these principles; 1. Positive Attitude, 2. Ask Good Questions, 3. Shut up and Listen, 4. Know Your Product. This year we decided to add a 5th, Grit, you can read more about the 5th Pillar here

On behalf of all of us here at Acquirent we hope that you and your families had a great holiday season and are as excited for 2015 as we are. Make it a great day![/fusion_text][/fullwidth]