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Acquirent Sales Training

“Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.” – William Shakespeare.

Today’s college graduates are sometimes expected to enter the workforce with experience in their field. Many companies seek new employees with expertise so they can avoid investing resources in training them. At Acquirent, however, our mindset is different.

Acquirent, or ACQ for short, is an outside sales company where individuals of all ages and backgrounds come together to work, learn and share experiences to help each other grow. Our company includes as much diversity in its employees as we do in the products we sell. Acquirent serves markets that range from k-12 education to Fortune 500 companies to insurance.

ACQ offers comprehensive training at different skill levels and on a variety of topics. There are basic and advanced business trainings that discuss subjects such as negotiating, personality types, and running a webinar or demonstration. There is even a class on emotional intelligence, which addresses personal traits like empathy, motivation, and self-awareness.

These advanced training courses cut deep into my ignorance and eviscerated my nervousness about sales. I had been anxious about assuming the lead role in a demo or webinar, but my concise and effective training left me feeling confident that I could implement my news skills with great results. – Jake Biggs, Sales Representative

If sales is the career path a person wants to pursue, ACQ is an excellent organization to join. Our company will teach you best practices and how to be great, and our training will help you polish the skills you have learned. Acquirent supports sales professionals in being the best they can be.