Acquirent employees Spencer and Lawrence

Sales Training Top Scores Interview: Spencer Woodbury and Lawrence Henderson

One of our greatest strengths here at Acquirent is our sales training. The foundation of this is our 12 Week Sales Fundamental Series–a one hour, once a week program that every new Acquirent employee is required to complete. Our partners and sales managers present on a variety of crucial topics from cold-call to close–including The Pitch, The Gatekeeper, and Asking for The Order.

Participants complete a quiz at the end of every session, and at the end of the series must pass an exam. Today, we’re highlighting our top two scorers on the last Sales Fundamentals Series–Spencer Woodbury and Lawrence Henderson.

Hi, gentlemen! What was your favorite class and what was a key takeaway from it?

Spencer: Mine has to be the Feature Benefit, Tie Down presentation. The performance and delivery of it are both flawless. I will say, based on the hilarious, yet professional approach–most aspects of that class stuck with me. I remembered every detail of the technique even years after hearing it for the first time.

Lawrence: I’m going to go with The Ask. My main take away was that you will never receive anything you do not ask for. If you are timid, you will not get the result you are looking for!

What are you reading outside of work to keep you sharp?

Spencer: I don’t know if this qualifies as reading to keep me sharp…but I’m currently in the middle of Brave New World.

Lawrence: I read a lot of Entrepreneur magazine–I feel like as a sales person you are your own small business, so any information to keep that kind of mentality, I like to take in. Well, that and Buzzfeed…for obvious reasons.

What does Training/Continuing Education mean to you?

Spencer: I’ve been in sales for a while now. Like most things, however, you can always be better. To me, training/education means understanding where you are, and being open to the possibility that there is more that you can still learn–whether that’s from a course, a book, or a colleague. There are endless ways to refine your craft.

Lawrence: Agreed. We can all get better, and we can learn something new every day. You have to practice, and learn to be able to do more.

How have you applied some of the lessons from training in your day to day life?

Spencer: I sat through most of these courses when they were still on the cutting room floor. Now that they have been cohesively placed in a curriculum, I think they are extremely beneficial. On a daily basis, I find myself using [VP of Sales] Elhardt’s “Law of 6” from the Objections Training most often. Understanding the potential curve balls prospects throw at you and how they fall into uniform categories makes them easier to handle more fluidly on the phone.

Lawrence: When it comes to the sales process, asking good questions helps me in my personal life as well. I am learning when you get an outcome you do not like–to look back and see if you asked the right questions along the way.

Any advice for new ACQ employees?

Spencer: Take it seriously. IT WILL BE ON THE TEST! Which you can fail. By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail (this quote is on the test…you’re welcome).

Lawrence: Learn all that you can, because the more information you have, the better you can become. The more you know…well, we all remember the rest.

Congratulations on a job well done, Lawrence and Spencer![/fusion_text][/fullwidth]