Sales Tip – “Sales is about Focus and Momentum”

In today’s technology dominated world, many sales professionals (young and old) are getting too caught up with the researching and prospecting of potential clients and not enough time selling to these potential clients.

With such fantastic tools as Hoovers (, Jigsaw (, Linked In (, Zoom Info (, and many more widely available to us, we are now able to get the direct contact information of top level decision makers quicker than ever before. These tools are an extremely valuable part of a top performing sales representatives’ arsenal, but many of us (me included) tend to fall into the rut of utilizing them for research during top selling hours.

Instead, try using these tools at the end of each day as you set up your next day’s calls. Taking an extra 30 minutes at the end of a day to do all your research will undoubtedly produce far greater sales results than if you research each prospect before each call. This technique will allow you to go from one call to the next with all the information and confidence you need to be extremely effective and efficient on your calls.

As stated to me by one of my most respected mentors: “Sales is about Focus and Momentum.”