Sales Resolutions for 2015

At Acquirent, we consider ourselves experts in outsourced sales, but that doesn’t mean we’re content to sit back and run on autopilot. Instead, we’ve committed ourselves to always improving, providing the best possible services for our clients, and in doing so becoming the best salespeople we can be. Because of this, we’ve decided to create some New Year’s Sales Resolutions and share them with you. A lot of us make resolutions to hit the gym more or go green, so why not bring a commitment to making 2015 a better year into the workplace? Here are a few of our 2015 Resolutions.

  • Affirm our customer-first focus – This should go without saying—customers are the reason we’re here! Still, it can be easy to lose sight of that fact when you get caught up in the world of quotas and quarter gains. Let’s all make sure that in 2015, we’re taking a little extra time to stop and think about the customer.
  • Make it a team effort – Sales can sometimes seem like a solitary career. You’ve got your clients, your prospects, your leads. In 2015, let’s remember that we’re part of a team, sharing out successes and helping each other do better.
  • Read – A lot of successful salespeople have written books or articles about their experiences—it would be a shame if we didn’t take advantage of their perspective. Even though it seems like we already have full plates, let’s dedicate ourselves to setting aside a bit of time each week to reading about the industry. We’ll be better salespeople for it! And we’ll appear smarter while doing so. Click here to read an article from Inc. Magazine on how reading makes you appear smarter!
  • Look Back – Finally, let’s take some time to look back at 2014—celebrate our successes, acknowledge our shortcomings, and understand how we can do better this year.

Lastly, click here to read a recent post by guest blogger Jenny Vance, president of LeadJen, a B2B sales lead generation company, which provides a list of New Years resolutions that will help sales managers increase sales and boost the bottom line in 2015

Here’s to a happy, productive and fruitful New Year![/fusion_text][/fullwidth]