Sales Mantras: Tell It to Sell It

Most sales professional, from the person ringing your doorbell to the outsourced sales team here at Acquirent, will tell you that overcoming failure is part of what it takes to succeed in sales. But it’s hard to believe that success is just around the corner when you’ve just heard “no” five times in a row.

Here are five key sales mantras that will help you get off your feet and sign the right clients for your business.

  • To win new business, first you must win trust. After all, isn’t that how you feel as a consumer yourself? Show your prospective clients the same respect you expect to receive from sales professionals.
  • You may have heard that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but when you’re in sales, it’s your responsibility to keep the work flowing right along with the cucumber water. It’s a remarkable opportunity to engage with a captive audience, and you should never let it pass you by.
  • You will not achieve success until you believe in success. In order to project an image of confidence, you must tell yourself that you are capable of achieving everything that lays before you, whether it’s cold calling a client or closing a sale.
    Don’t just ask why a prospect is saying no. Ask yourself how you can get them to say yes.
  • Often “NO” is short for “Next Opportunity.” Just like all sales professionals, our team at Acquirent knows that hearing the word “no” is an unavoidable aspect of making a career in sales. But you can’t let that one tiny word cast a shadow over your career. With persistence, patience and determination, you will always be able to make the “no’s” just stepping stones to the next “yes”.

At Acquirent, we know how tough it can be to hear the word “no” again and again, but we also know how important it is for sales professionals to bounce back into the game. Keep these mantras in mind before you pick up the phone or pitch your next prospect, and keep yourself bouncing back and focused on the right clients.

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