Sales: It’s All About Attitude

I preach the importance of a positive attitude for our business all the time. In a business with constant challenges and inherent rejection, it’s difficult to overstate the crucial role a good attitude has.

But as I was preparing a speech to kick off our latest 12-week training course for new sales professionals at our office a couple weeks ago, I found myself stuck trying to articulate the components of Attitude when it comes to sales.

How does one create and maintain the right attitude, a consistent attitude. I struggled spinning this around in my head until I was driving to Midway Airport to pick up my son Patch at 11:45 pm on a Monday night. That’s when it struck me.

The key ingredients to creating and maintaining a positive attitude starts with what you want to accomplish. Everything grows from that.


1. Goals and Dreams

State them clearly. We all need a purpose to work toward, whether it’s hitting quotas, creating a great work environment, or getting to your financial goals. Put it down, and make it specific.

2. Make a Plan

What’s your plan for improving and maintaining the right attitude? For a lucky few it comes naturally, but most of us have to work at it, to not let the ebbs and flows of the business take us off track. How are you going to deal with those to make sure you don’t fall short?

3. Grit

Though I list it last, this might be most important. Plans are important, goals are important, but not if you easily discard them when things get tough. You have to have grit to stick to the plan when you hit obstacles, and believe me, you will hit them.

I am convinced if you have a Plan and Dreams, take Action with determination and Grit, you will find you will have the right Attitude to succeed and lead in your sales career.

Make it a great day!