Sales Help, Who Do You Turn To?

If you are like many other organizations that are tiring to create sales in tough times, you may be looking for some sales help by fixing some of your current sales problems. Depending on the problem there are many places you can turn to for help.

Some common problems (and potential solutions) include:

Having the right sales team, but not the right sales process:

  • Organizations that suffer from this issue often times can be helped by Sales Consultants. Sales consultants can come into an organization and assess the strengths and weaknesses within their sales process and sales infrastructure. Once assessments are made, they will create game plans on how that organization can improve on those processes.

Having the right sales process, but not the right sales team:

  • Companies can be crippled by hanging onto non productive sales people. Often companies benefit from getting rid of sales reps that don’t produce and replacing them with top sales talent. Your chances of hiring top producing sales talent greatly increases when you use professional Sales Recruiting firms (who hire great sales people for a living) who understand and can identify people with “sales DNA”.

Not having the right sales process or sales team:

  • When this problem occurs, companies tend to look towards outsourcing their sales to a professional sales outsourcing company. Professional outsourced sales companies are ones that normally have professional sales recruiters on staff who help their clients’ identify top sales talent. Once the talent is identified, that outsourced sales partner will hire, train and manage that sales professional and help create/execute a sales game plan which in turn will allow your organization the ability to focus on its core competencies.

Happy Selling!