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Sales Etiquette Can Give You the Competitive Edge

Gaining A Sales Advantage

They say that acquiring a new customer costs five times the cost of keeping an existing customer. As outsourced sales and marketing experts we know this all too well. When working in outsourcing telesales, however, it is the new customers we want. Sales outsourcing doesn’t focus on maintaining relationships, we focus on ways to set more sales appointments for our clients – in turn bringing on new clients. Sales outsourcing solutions that do not focus on bringing in new clients are not really selling ‘sales’. We are working in a very competitive world and one where we have learned we need to put forth extra effort to get the edge, this effort is what we like to call sales etiquette.

There are many ways in which we train our sales people to close new deals a cut above the rest, but the one that often gets overlooked by other companies is stressing sales etiquette. As sales outsourcing specialists we have learned through the years that customer service and general etiquette are trending to go by the wayside. Not here. We believe that proper presentation and etiquette as well as exceptional customer service are what set us apart as outsourced sales experts.


When setting sales appointments, sales etiquette is also what sets our sales representatives apart. The first step is presentation. We make sure our outsourced sales personnel are well trained and articulate. They are prepared with qualifying questions, probing questions as well as pre-rehearsed rebuttals for any and all objections. Being prepared is the first part of proper sales etiquette.


The next part of sales etiquette that is often overlooked is to learn how customers prefer to communicate. Some prefer email, some prefer the phone, some prefer webex and some like a combination. When setting consecutive appointments – learn the method your prospect prefers – and stick with it. The last thing you want to do is make your prospect uncomfortable. A simple question of “How do you prefer I contact you moving forward?” might just be enough.

The Follow-up

Follow-up might just be the cornerstone of sales etiquette. There is nothing worse than saying you will do something and then not following through. We’re not big on under-promising, but we do like to over-deliver. Our outsourced sales representatives are trained in calendar management and know how to manage their time and sales appointments. Even if it is a simple question, coming back with a prompt response is critical. Business is often the result of a string of small gestures that combine to form the big picture. Every hand written note, every article sent, every question answered will all help to seal the deal. When it comes to outsourced sales and marketing in a competitive world, your responsiveness will not only help close the deal but insure continuing business.

Basic Manners

And finally, basic manners are a must when setting sales appointments to increase sales. Using your “pleases” and your “thank you’s” as well as respecting the customer’s desires and needs is key. In business, as in life, just a little bit of manners can go a long way.

Using business etiquette skills as your secret sales weapon won’t cost you a dime. Your only expenditure is the time it will take to listen and learn about your customers, to honor their preferences and to follow up with courtesy and respect. Call us today to learn more ways in which you can get the competitive edge by using outsourced sales and marketing specialists.

Happy selling!