Guy reseaching company

Why Research Companies Prior to Calling?

Isn’t that just a waste of time?

NO!   In fact, company research is a critical step during the introductory phase with your prospects.  Many sales leaders believe their team should hammer the phones/territories with little to no preparation going into their calls, in order to get more at bats.  Although this methodology may be useful for some, it lacks a key ingredient that is increasingly important as technology has changed the way we conduct business; QUALITY.

Let’s talk about quality for a second.  Sales people naturally believe their innate ability to persuade and convince can, and will, take over any conversation and lead them to a signature on the dotted line; that’s how sales professionals are hardwired and why many have been successful in the past.  With endless information at our fingertips and ‘decision makers’ being tracked down on all platforms (Phone, Voicemail, Email, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Salesforce etc.) it is more impactful to get back to the basics—establish a connection and common ground.  This can only be done by researching a company and being familiar with their mission prior to calling.

Establishing relevancy with your prospect immediately differentiates you from all other sales calls.  It builds credibility right off the bat.  In my experience, most industries are so saturated with facts and numbers; bells and whistles.  Everyone’s got them.  We can pique our target executives’ interest most effectively when we are able to relate to them and speak their language.  If you can do this, your prospect will feel confident that you have done your homework and that any conversation you have, won’t be a waste of their time (Rapport and Credibility).

Here at Acquirent, we coach and train our teams to research our prospective companies and their goals. It is paramount to progressing the conversation and maintaining a QUALITY relationship.  

Always researching our prospects enables us to:

  • Progress the conversation
  • Establish credibility
  • Separate ourselves from competitors
  • Create rapport
  • Build our client and referral network

Our culture implements this piece during the introduction formatting of all of our cadences tailored to our clients and business needs.  It plays an instrumental role in exceeding expectations for our clients and partners. That’s why we research companies prior to calling.