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Tips on Maintaining your Relationship with Clients

“The customer is always right” is a phrase that has been programmed into the brain of any who work in sales or customer service. However, the key to success in these fields and to driving customer loyalty is not giving into every demand of the individual, but rather the quality and length of the relationship between a client and their account manager. Customer satisfaction does not necessarily equate to customer loyalty, so why is that phrase preached to all employees in this field?

Rather than focusing on ensuring customer satisfaction at all times, managers should concentrate on maintaining an honest relationship with their clients. Here are seven tips on how to put the focus back on relationships:

  1. Treat your customer with respect, both professionally and personally.
  2. Act as a trusted advisor in the field- be their first call if they need any advice about their account or questions about any topics in the field you work in.
  3. Maintain open communication in all fields- be their “go-to” person if they have a question or concern and ask for regular feedback from your accounts.
  4. Tailor your communication strategy to their unique needs.
  5. Be patient, and reward clients for their loyalty.
  6. Get to know their industry so you can understand what their needs are and keep up to date on news in their company.
  7. Engage your client- nobody wants to feel as if they are a means to an end. Make them feel important! This will ensure customer loyalty.

Understanding that the relationship between client and manager can be the driving force in sales will allow you to adjust your techniques and promote your success.





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