Quality over Quantity in Sales Appointment Setting

Is your sales staff having sales appointment setting issues? Are your sales pros coming back from appointments that were incredibly disappointing and entirely unproductive? Are they complaining that the sales calls that they are being sent out on are nothing but dead ends? There is nothing that is more wasteful than hiring top-notch sales executives and then sending them out on dead appointments. It is a waste of their talents and time. Before you lose your best sales performers to another company, make some improvements to update your appointment setting techniques.

A good sales professional will tell you that they would rather only have one solid sales appointment set up on a day than to be sent out on ten dead leads. Not only does it use up more time and resources to drive to ten different locations and meet with ten different people, but ten unproductive sales appointments can be a real blow to the ego. Sales professionals need to be confident in themselves and what they are selling in order to deliver the top results. Sending your sales professionals out on dead leads is counterproductive.

There is a huge difference between a lead and a good lead. A sales appointment that is made without any foreknowledge of the company is not a good lead. For a lead to be good you will need to have a contact’s name that is in charge of purchasing, their direct phone line, and information regarding the company. A skilled sales professional will take this information and use it to their advantage when delivering his or her sales pitch. This information makes a huge difference when it comes to sales. When sales people are sent out on blind leads they lose the upper hand and their ability to make their products and services appeal directly to the person that they are meeting with.

Don’t waste your sales executive’s time by sending them out on dead leads. Instead, focus on ways that you can improve the quality of the leads that your sales staff is generating. If that means that you need to seek out outside help, then you need to do so. Find a service provider that will generate high quality leads for your business. Before you start loosing your top sales professionals, implement some changes that will improve the quality of the leads that they are following.

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