Team practicing sales pitch

Practice Your Sales Pitch to Perfection

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’ve been involved in the worlds of direct or outsourced sales, then you know that closing a sale is hardly ever “one and done,” as they say. Rather, today’s sales professionals have come to understand and appreciate that closing a sale takes time, persistence, patience and, most of all, practice.

Like everything else, practicing your sales pitch is certain to bring sales professionals ever closer to perfection. While it is extremely important to tailor your pitch to the needs and questions of the client you are meeting on a given day, nothing will better prepare you to anticipate their reaction quite like practicing your pitch. In fact, consistent and concentrated practice will help you learn to devise answers to questions the client may not have even asked yet, and nothing will make you appear more confident in your work and trustworthy with their dollars and their business.

Likewise, the more carefully you prepare your pitch, the better suited you will be to receive, process and learn from the feedback you gain from listeners. After all, it is crucial to remember just how tenuous a link exists between the way you present your services and the way your clients perceive them.

Receive Feedback

Just as your sales business cannot succeed without a client, your pitch practice cannot help you without an audience. Ask your listeners to share their feedback on your words, sequence, tone, pacing and body language.

Correct Your Mistakes

If possible, record videos of yourself practicing and review them as a client would. Are your words primarily focused on the most important message of your pitch? Are you confident yet approachable? Most importantly, what are you doing wrong that you can begin turning around today?

At Acquirent, we believe that growth does not depend on PowerPoint slides or screen shots. We believe that an investment in the salesperson is just as important as the investments they are trying to earn from every potential client. If you are responsible for sales growth, you must take the time to invest in yourself and your pitch, and if you do, your practice is sure to pay off. You can find information on Acquirent’s sales services, which includes The Pitch, here.

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