Practice, Practice, Practice: Why You Need Outsider Feedback to Hone Your Presentation Skills

You’ve heard it said so often that it isn’t just almost a cliché—it is a cliché. Still, the point stands: practice makes perfect. Well, sort of. You could practice your presentations so much you could do them backwards in your sleep, but if all you’re doing is reiterating the same information to yourself, you aren’t optimizing your presentation skills to be the best they could be. You may know your presentation better—but that doesn’t mean that it is better. What you really need is a third party observer, an unbiased outsider who can provide you with some quality feedback.

“We do call reviews in manager 1 on 1s. It’s a great opportunity to hone my presentation skills because nothing compares to listening to yourself present with a trusted ear providing objective feedback.” – Brett Merle

Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean that you don’t need outsider feedback. Even Michael Jordan had a coach, remember? One tip us folks here at Acquirent can really vouch for is recording your calls. Athletes spend hours poring over game film with their coach—and you should take every chance you get to have an experienced third party listen to your recorded pitch and offer input and advice. This is especially useful because it’s not just a practice presentation—it’s the real deal, with all the pressure and hiccups that can go with it.

“We promise our clients and teammates continued training and coaching through phone call reviews. We do so, on a regular basis, which helps keep leaders and sales professional presenting at their best.” – Nick Hogren

At Acquirent, we have over a decade of top-notch business sales training under our belt. We pride ourselves on never being satisfied and always looking for new innovations and techniques to help us become better sales professionals—and close more deals. If you’re looking for the best outsourced sales team around, look no further than Acquirent.

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