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We Had A Bad Experience: Overcoming Objections

Conquering Bad Experiences

As sales people, we hear objections from potential prospects several times throughout our day. One of the biggest mistakes you can make, however, is viewing an objection as a roadblock rather than as a request for more information. Each morning, the Acquirent sales team practices their rebuttals in our morning warm-up sessions. Having heard so many objections on such a regular basis–we’ve classified them into six different categories. In our new blog series, Overcoming Objections–we’ll be featuring the six common objections, and video responses from our warm-up leader board.

Common Objections

An incredibly common objection is “we were customers of yours in the past, and we had a bad experience.” The great thing about this one is it’s crystal clear and can be addressed head-on. Instinctively, most sales people will respond sympathetically, asking the prospect to talk to them about what went wrong, and to share a little bit about their experience. This technique is a natural human response, and may seem like a good idea at first–but eventually will lead you down a rabbit hole that becomes extremely difficult to get out of and back on track to setting your appointment.

Using Sales Rebuttals

Instead, we train our sales team to use a rebuttal that focuses on redirecting rather than commiserating. Keep it pointed and clear–emphasizing how your product/service has improved since the last time your prospect used it, whether that was last month or last year. Take a look at some of our team’s best responses, and share your thoughts on what you might do when encountered with this particular objection!

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