Outsourcing Your Appointment Setting

Most organizations are confident about their products and services to a prospective client face-to-face. But how do you get those sought after appointments? Setting an appointment requires a high level of diligence, productivity, creativity and a thick skin. Appointment setting is a role that most senior-level sales representatives are “above” doing. The bottom line is that people that are often good at closing business are often not as good opening to the doors to those opportunities. There are two different disciplines at work at both of these critical stages of the sale. B2b sales experience alone is not enough to ensure you can open the door to new opportunities or effectively manage your leads.

By utilizing outsourced sales services you can get that first part of the equation while your top revenue producers can focus exclusively on what it is they do – close new business. One of the most effective ways to increase sales ROI is by hiring an outsourced sales force to become “pre-sales support”, or “appointment setting”. Once the calls start, a good outsourced sales person will make an average of 75 calls a day in a typical campaign, which will actually result in them speaking to more people and getting more appointments as a result.

Getting to speak to the right person is a highly skilled job – handling objections, getting past the ‘gate keeper’ and making the valid points to the decision maker is no mean feat. It also involves a high level of rejection, which a lot of people find soul destroying. It’s a job that not many people are good at but it’s the kind of job sales outsourcing services excel at. They will take your sales failure, develop a sales strategy and begin a b2b lead generation campaign. By outsourcing appointment setting to a skilled b2b sales consultant you not only save your best sales representative’s time, but you put them out there more – thus closing more business.

Happy Selling!