Outsourcing a Consultative Sales Process/Sale

One apprehension we still see in the market is around the idea of an outsourced sales force executing a Consultative sales process. However, there are a number of outsourced sales companies in the market that are only focused on this type of sale. Previously, most outsourced sales companies were seen as a means to do b2b sales lead generation or to handle customer service and account management. However, as the market has matured and people are looking at every part of their business, outsourcing a consultative, needs based sale is more common place.

One thing that has allowed for or contributed this type of sales outsourcing is hosted CRM solutions and more adoption of technology across the sales function. More companies are moving to a transparent and hosted CRM for both cost and efficiency reasons. As a result, companies interested in offloading part or all of their consultative sales process are able to still control the message delivered, monitor progress in the sales cycle and be part of the lead management with their vendor of choice.

In addition, the economic challenges that have faced business over the last 18 months have forced companies to look in all areas for savings and efficiencies. Where they may not have previously considered their revenue generating sales team as a potential area for review, they must now look at more efficient means of achieving their goals. Whether you have a sales force that travels the country, meets face to face in a specific geography or uses technology and web based demonstrations to sell your product, there is a b2b sales outsourcing solution to meet your needs.

A large part of vendor selection must be based on that company’s b2b sales experience, client history and what outsourced sales services they offer. Make sure to look for a company that has a focus and only executes one of these outsourcing models, one that matches your company culture and beliefs and will uphold brand strength and integrity throughout their target markets or verticals.