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Organizational Culture and Performance

Company founders identify with every element of their organization’s existence. They have invested in every part of it, and they want the values on which they built the company to endure. They spend nearly every waking moment contemplating their companies’ worth, relevance, and future. When they hire people to help their business grow and thrive, it is important to them that their people value the company’s vision and aspirations.

Leaders must communicate and reinforce the values and goals of the organization to their employees. Ultimately, however, employees must buy in and emulate those same values.

Employees’ attitudes toward the organization and overall feelings of job satisfaction depend on a variety of factors. Do they:

  •         Identify the goals of the organization?
  •         Feel recognized for their accomplishments?
  •         Trust and cooperate within their teams?
  •         Feel that their voice is being heard?

One of the most important aspects of organizational culture is that it can play a positive role in employee performance. Employees excel in an environment where they feel like they are an integral part of their company’s growth potential. When employees are properly rewarded for their contributions, job satisfaction increases and they continuously meet or exceed productivity expectations. A positive and supportive culture that promotes realistic and attainable goals encourages optimal employee performance, and thereby optimal organization performance.

Many of us have worked in organizations where we did not feel appreciated, or worse yet, we felt our employment security was threatened. These types of organizations commonly use negative reinforcement and fear tactics to communicate with employees. There are low levels of trust throughout their ranks. These characteristics signal a toxic culture in which performance is low and turnover is high.  

Acquirent stands in contrast. We pride ourselves on our people. In fact, Acquirent’s primary service offering is our people. We provide an outstanding training program, but the real magic stems from our positive culture, which drives substantial results for our clients.

Organizational culture is a construct of those who work for a company. Founders build businesses, struggle through hard times, and impart their values to it, making their marks from the ground up. Even so, employees help to cultivate the atmosphere within the company walls. Promoting an environment where employees feel like they are worth something will inevitably create positive outcomes. Employees who feel appreciated embrace the values, mission, and goals of the organization in turn.