One Great Tip for Closing More Sales

In every sales training session, one-on-one meeting or call review, there is one question that reps ask me more than others: “What is the one thing I can say to close more deals?”

Although there is no “silver bullet” that convinces someone to buy from you and there are a number of techniques you can try, there is one tip I can guarantee will get you more sales. That’s right, guarantee you to get more sales. Something I have never promised to do before but think this one is so good I can throw it on the line.

Ready? One thing that always works to get you more sales: ASK FOR THE SALE!

Most sales reps are so busy working on their next question to ask, crafting the perfect intro line, and practicing objections and rebuttals, they forget the most important thing to do: ask the customer for the sale. If you think there is a magic phrase that will inspire your prospect to ask you to buy, you’re wrong. As a golfer, I have never sunk a birdie putt by not hitting the ball hard enough to get it to the hole.

So, if you aren’t happy with your current level of sales activity, start trying this today. Each time you get to the end of a pitch or meeting, ask the customer a few questions based on:

  • Do you see where this would have value for your business?
  • Does this price make sense in light of the value we are delivering for your company?
  • Can we take this off your plate and get the contract signed and sent over to you?
  • Great, let’s sign you up today. I want to make sure my info is correct, your address is 123 Closing More Business St., correct?
  • Anything at all, but just ask the customer to make a decision!

I think you get the basic point: If you want to make more sales, more money and hit goals more often, you need to ask for the sale. Often the sales rep is scared to take this step because someone may say no and then the prospect is lost. So what, you are going to ask the next prospect on your list? Does this sound good? Can you ask for the sale more often today?

Happy Hunting!