Olympic-Themed Sales Posts: July Blog Round Up

Anybody else sensing the Olympics fever in the blogosphere this past month? It seems like every sales and marketing blogger has something to say about the London 2012 Summer Games. Here is a quick round-up of some of our favorite Olympic-themed posts.

Todd Schnick (@toddschnick) “10 Gold-Medal Winning, Thrill Of Victory, Agony Of Defeat, Sticking Your (Sales) Landing Steps to Champion Your Olympic Self”


  • “10 Gold-Medal Ways to Boost Your Profits!”
  • “How to Stick Your (Sales) Landing!”
  • “The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Losing The Sale.”
  • “National Anthem Singing Methods To Getting What You Want!”
  • “The Michael Phelps Guide To Being A Bigger, Better, Brighter Entrepreneur!”
  • “Keep Your Business Balance Like The US Women’s Gymnastics Team!”
  • “How To Successfully Jump All Your Sales Hurdles!”
  • “Is Your Business Standing On Top Of The Medal Platform?”
  • “Are You Performing To Half-Empty Stands Like The London Olympics When You Give A Sales Presentation?”
  • “How To Be A Business Decathlete!”



Matt Heinz (@HeinzMarketing) “Five Olympics-Themed Inside Sales Promotion Ideas” Matt Heinz

Matt’s creative post suggests fun (and profitable!) Olympic themed competitions among inside sales teams. Who says selling can’t be fun?! The competitions are broken down into five sports: gymnastics, soccer, swimming, cycling and weightlifting.

The team competition, the “all around” individual competition, and the individual “skills” competition: …combine the highest-performing reps in an “all around” competition while everyone across the floor competes in the skills portion. Instead of uneven bars, vaults and rings, have them compete on talk time, demos given, opportunities created, services add-ons, etc.

Kelley Robertson (@FearlessSelling) “Are You Training Like an Olympian?”

Kelley’s post captures 5 of the key takeaways salespeople can learn from Olympians.

  • Constant development: To reach the world stage in sports every athlete continually strives to improve their ability in their given sport. … What are you doing to constantly improve your selling skills?
  • Focus: Competing in the Olympics requires… mental toughness and the ability to focus strictly on their objective. Do you have the ability to stay focused even when times get tough?
  • A support network: No athlete reaches this level without a strong support network. What support network do you have in place to help you succeed?
  • Competitiveness: They WANT to win every competition. They hate finishing second or third. Top sales people hate losing sales, too.
  • Belief: The best Olympians use affirmations to get past the mental hurdles and struggles. … Do you have belief in your ability to succeed in sales?